MAK Earth is a wonderful place. And it just keeps getting better!

The latest generation of the MAK ONE procedural terrain engine increases the biodiversity of the Synthetic Environment. 

Click and/or mouse over the images to see how rich and biome specific the environment has become:

Some time ago we added procedural terrain generation to the list of terrain types that MAK ONE applications can render and simulate within.

The first generation allowed MAK ONE users to scatter vegetation across the entire planet based on model sets mapped to the 20 or so land use classes.

The second generation procedural engine takes that process to the next level by factoring in the lushness, roughness, and density into the definition of "Life Maps". These factors mixed with the altitude and slope of the terrain as well as the color of the imagery combine to generate natural environments that are specific to the biomes in different parts of the world.     

ST Engineering

ST Engineering