Tech Tip: Applying Shader Effects to Map Layers

by Jim Kogler

For you hotshot programmers out there, did you know you could apply a shader effect to your MAK ONE map layers? 

If you have a map layer that looks like the image above (IFR Air Charts) and the color scheme makes it difficult to see your plans, you have a few options...

Of course, like everything in VR-Forces, all icons and tactical graphic color schemes can be changed. Or if you just want to style your map differently, you can write a small shader.

In the world of 3D graphics, a shader is a small program that gets passed to the GPU. There are many types of shaders, and the details of GPU shader programming are beyond the scope of this tip... but if you know how to write one, you can take something like this: 

And place it in your terrain configuration file to get something that looks like this (Dark Mode!): 

If you would like to play with this shader, you can find it in your MAK ONE Shared Data install as part of the Aeronautical Charts (Online) terrain. 

ST Engineering

ST Engineering