Epic News: MAK Modeling & Simulation Testbed Receives Epic MegaGrant!

By Len Granowetter

We're excited to share that MAK has been given an Epic MegaGrant! MAK will leverage this support from Epic Games to help achieve greater correlation and interoperability between MAK's products and external applications that are built on Epic's Unreal Engine.

Although many of our customers build their synthetic environments entirely on the MAK ONE suite of products, it has always been our strategy to empower customers to combine MAK products with third-party engines and applications to create the most powerful and complex simulation systems.

Our lifelong commitments to open standards and open APIs are key elements of that strategy: we often help our customers integrate our VR-Forces CGF with external simulators, control our VR-Engage virtual simulators from third-party Instructor Operator Stations, embed our DI-Guy human characters into competitors' image generators, and connect applications of all flavors using our interoperability tools — VR-Link, VR-Exchange, WebLVC Server, the MAK RTI, and MAK Legion.

With the assistance of the Epic MegaGrant, we'll focus specifically on demos and prototypes that make VR-Forces and our other products work well together with applications built with Unreal Engine. Can our Legion scalability framework help Unreal-based applications participate in cloud-hosted million-entity scenarios generated by MAK's VR-Forces? Can we task VR-Forces CGF entities from an Unreal-based interface? Can we provide whole-earth streaming terrain data to Unreal-based simulators from our VR-TheWorld Server? We're excited to show you the results of our efforts over the coming months!

The MegaGrant will open doors for the Unreal community to get the best of MAK products, and we're excited to start down this path and build on this exciting collaboration with Epic.

Got questions? Reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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