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VR-Forces: Artillery entities in scenarios created before 5.0 display out of ammo warnings for fire for effect tasks


If you have any scenarios from a release prior to VR-Forces 5.0 that include entities that are using the M107-155mm resource as a munition for fire for effect tasks, you must modify the scenario to use newly assigned resources, such as M107-155mm-HE. The scenarios will still continue to work overall, but the Fire for Effect tasks assigned to those entities will not until you update them.

Affected MAK Applications

Scenarios created in VR-Forces 4.10 and earlier running in VR-Forces 5.0 or later


All platforms


To work around the issue:

  1. Load the scenario in VR-Forces.
  2. Reinitialize the scenario by choosing File > Reinitialize Scenario.
  3. For each entity that has a Fire for Effect task (either as an immediate task or part of a plan) that originally used the M107-155mm resource, edit the task to use one of the new resources.

ST Engineering

ST Engineering