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[Updated May 30, 2023]

Stability Problems with Latest NVIDIA Drivers (Critical)


Around December 5, 2022, NVIDIA released a driver update that causes significant and frequent crashes in MAK ONE applications. We have identified the problems in NVIDIA driver version 527.56 and do not see the problems in driver version 525.25 and earlier.

The problem is related to bindless textures and multiple contexts. When loading a texture, we make all texture handles resident in all contexts before use; before each context is destroyed, we make the textures non-resident. While this approach is semi-ambiguous in the OpenGL specification, it has worked reliably for many years and we believe it is correct. MAK has notified NVIDIA and is currently working with our contacts at NVIDIA to resolve the problem. While we can change code to resolve the problem, the changes are complex and – given the widespread impact on previously released products – we are optimistic that NVIDIA will provide a fix at the driver level. The problem has been discussed online and is likely impacting at least several other games.

Affected MAK Applications

All MAK One applications released since at least 2020 are likely impacted, though our testing to this point has only covered the MAK ONE 2022 Application suite. That means we would expect to see problems back as far as VR-Vantage 2.6, VR-Forces 4.8, and VR-Engage 1.5.


Critical - All 3D applications are affected for multiple versions


All platforms. Both GForce and Quadro cards and drivers are impacted.


For versions of MAK One applications prior to VR-Vantage 3.0.3, VR-Forces 5.0.3, and VR-Engage 2.0.3: Downgrade to NVIDIA driver version 525.25 or earlier. Older NVIDIA drivers can be downloaded from here: Official Drivers | NVIDIA

VR-Vantage 3.0.3, VR-Forces 5.0.3, VR-Engage 2.0.3, and later releases of those products include a workaround that prevents this crash.

NVIDIA has issued a driver fix for QUATRO Cards on May 30th, 2023. The updated driver can be found here: NVIDIA RTX / Quadro Desktop and Notebook Driver Release 535 | R535 U1 (535.98) | Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11 | NVIDIA

The fixes are expected to flow into the GeForce card drivers over the course of the summer.

ST Engineering

ST Engineering