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VR-Forces: Unable to Load AggregateLevel SMSs from 5.0.1 (and earlier) in 5.0.2 (and later)


Users cannot load a customized AggregateLevel SMS created in 5.0.1 or earlier. (The default AggregateLevel SMS shipped with 5.0.2 loads without issue.)

Some OPE files and sysdef files in the AggregateLevel SMS had their names changed in 5.0.2. This was to deconflict some filenames between the two primary simulation model sets in VR-Forces: EntityLevel and AggregateLevel. Any SMS that includes the AggregateLevel SMS and was developed on an earlier release of VR-Forces requires some updates in order to reference the new filenames in 5.0.2.

Affected MAK Applications



Critical - Users cannot load any AggregateLevel SMS file in 5.0.2 or later releases if the SMS was created by extending or copying the default SMS in 5.0.1 or earlier.


All platforms


Any references to the file names (listed in the table) in the .entity files of such an SMS should be updated to the new names. MAK has created a batch script that is available to perform this update automatically. Go to and request the batch script.

Old Filename New Filename
Aggregate.ope AggregateLevelAggregate.ope
iff-transponder.sysdef iff-transponder-aggregate.sysdef
limit-existance.sysdef limit-existance-aggregate.sysdef
spot-report-generator.sysdef spot-report-generator-aggregate.sysdef
spot-report-receiver.sysdef spot-report-receiver-aggregate.sysdef
tdl-air-message-generator.sysdef tdl-air-message-generator-aggregate.sysdef
tdl-ground-message-generator.sysdef tdl-ground-message-generator-aggregate.sysdef
tdl-subsurface-message-generator.sysdef tdl-subsurface-message-generator-aggregate.sysdef
tdl-surface-message-generator.sysdef tdl-surface-message-generator-aggregate.sysdef
active-radar-sensor.sysdef active-radar-sensor-aggregate.sysdef
aircraft-active-radar-sensor.sysdef aircraft-active-radar-sensor-aggregate.sysdef
air-defense-radar-sensor.sysdef air-defense-radar-sensor-aggregate.sysdef
beacon-radar-sensor.sysdef beacon-radar-sensor-aggregate.sysdef
emissions-sensor.sysdef emissions-sensor-aggregate.sysdef
engineering-object-sensor.sysdef engineering-object-sensor-aggregate.sysdef
infrared-sensor.sysdef infrared-sensor-aggregate.sysdef
nbc-sensor.sysdef nbc-sensor-aggregate.sysdef
passive-radar-sensor.sysdef passive-radar-sensor-aggregate.sysdef
sonar-sensor.sysdef sonar-sensor-aggregate.sysdef
visual-sensor.sysdef visual-sensor-aggregate.sysdef

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